Albo: Partying While Australia Burns! By James Reed

Anthony Albanese had an expensive lobster dinner with a billionaire, coming days after saying that he had not forgotten what it is like to struggle. Struggle to eat what is described below as three "live" lobsters? Did he eat them "live"? No doubt he may have had some hard times in his life, but those days are gone … at least for a while, until he is voted out of parliament. And did Albo share a thought for the people living in tent cities, rendered homeless by his Great Replacement mass immigration program, all done to make Big Australia even richer? So that they can dine on even bigger lobsters? You can be sure he did not, as he enjoyed each mouthful of delicious lobster.

"Anthony Albanese enjoyed an expensive lobster lunch with billionaire Justin Hemmes just days before he claimed he hadn't forgot 'what it's like to struggle'.

The Prime Minister joined the Merivale boss at his new restaurant Good Luck in Sydney's CBD on Tuesday, where a kilo of lobster costs an eye-watering $250.

The pair feasted on three live lobsters just hours after Mr Albanese opened a new affordable housing project in Westmead, western Sydney, The Australian reported.

The Prime Minister was joined by Housing Minister Julie Collins and Treasurer Jim Chalmers as he announced that 400 affordable dwellings would be built at the site.

Days later, Mr Albanese said he knew there were 'people doing it tough right now' during his address at the Western Sydney Leadership Dialogue on Friday.

'We understand that there are still people doing it tough right now,' he said.

'And I know that when you are living week to week, it's hard to even find the time to think about the future, let alone plan for it with confidence.

'That's where economic security – from fair wages to reliable services - is not just about making ends meet, it's the foundation for aspiration.

'And that's why last week's Budget was about delivering on the two things that have driven our Government for two years.

'One: helping people with their cost of living. Two: making our future here in Australia. These are the priorities that drive us and the balance that defines us.'

Mr Albanese lashed Opposition leader Peter Dutton in his address, comparing his rival to former prime minister Scott Morrison.

'We've seen what happens when the only test that politicians apply is their political self-interest,' he told the crowd.

'We saw it with Scott Morrison, we're seeing it again with Peter Dutton.

'Saying no to everything is the easiest thing to do in Opposition - but it builds nothing, it helps no-one and it takes our country nowhere.

'Governing Australia requires more than soundbites - you need substantial propositions.' 



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Wednesday, 24 July 2024

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