Albo Opens the Immigration Flood Gates to Speed Up the Great Replacement By James Reed

It was always about the Great Replacement. First, use the Covid freak out to create the labour problem, then once that scam has fallen, open the flood gates to infinite immigration, to catch up, as the local capitalists need to keep profits up, and as always, despite unemployment, there is a labour shortage. When is there not? And never mind the social problems, the added stress to roads, housing, hospitals, schools and the environment, as all Australia has been about since 1947, is a sink for immigration, and profits for the real estate industry. Not a  real nation, but a plaything of the globalists.  It is ironic that the Labor government is oh so climate change doomsday, yet wants a Big Australia which will vastly increase carbon emissions. Clearly it is all bs; what counts for the major parties and Greens, is importing people.

How will it end, and end it will? I think the coming converging catastrophes of China War, World War III, resource shortages, and environmental issues (not climate change, but more important things like water shortages), will end this globalism nonsense. Even China War will be interesting, since the social control strategies used against German Australians in the last big one will not work applied today. The real question is whether Australia as we know it survives.

Anthony Albanese's government is set to welcome 300,000 migrants to Australia this year - raising fears of increased pressure on housing, hospitals and schools. 

Treasurer Jim Chalmers admitted the forecast of 235,000 migrants made in October's budget is likely to be dwarfed as high labour shortages entice foreign workers to the country. 

The government has also been working to cut down the huge visa backlog - making the country even more appealing to migrants.

It has announced an increase in the number of places available for skilled migrants, the number of places in the Skilled Stream rising from 79,600 to 142,400.

It will prioritise processing for skilled visa applications through 2023 and also introduced post-study work rights and unlimited work hours for international students.

Dr Chalmers said on Monday: 'It is a reasonable assumption the number that's printed in the budget for [2022-23] may be higher than 235,000.

'We've got serious skills shortages and labour shortages in our economy that are acting as a handbrake.'

Angela Knox, Associate Professor of Work and Organisation at Sydney University, told Daily Mail Australia that the influx of migrants could cause serious short term problems.  

'In the short term, it would put additional pressure on housing and schools and hospitals, which are already struggling,' she explained. 

She also suggested that the total number of migrants could exceed 300,000 - but warned the government would need to be mindful of the local labour market. 

'The government are conscious of the tension between the domestic labour market and the introduction of any migrant workers and the consequences that that might have. 

'The government is also relatedly very conscious that it is not using temporary migrant workers as a substitute for skill development and training needs in the local labour market. 

'So they will monitor what's happening very closely and make adjustments on that basis.'  

Dr Knox also warned that the government would need to ensure the current visa backlog is tackled. 

'It will be really important to ensure that there are sufficient staff and workflows in place to enable efficient visas, issuing visas. We don't want that backlog to be further exacerbated. 

'So there will be a response that's required in order to ensure that is an efficient process.' 

However, she also said that increased numbers of migrants could eventually end up tackling the problem.”

Well, let’s see what happens when the CCP sends a hypersonic missile to take out Pine Gap; our defence experts see this as likely.

 My guess is that the mighty migrants will be bolting for the airports, as radioactivity blows over Oz.




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Tuesday, 23 July 2024

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