Albo Doubles Tenant’s Rent; Symbol of Big Australia Greed! By James Reed

David Llewellyn-Smith has the story over at PM Albo owns four residential properties, and is moving to kick out a tenant of one, as Albo wants to double the rent. When challenged about this on morning radio, Albo said that the tenant was lucky, as he had been given a cut-rate deal, half he going rate for the property.

With his own mass immigration program, that is leaving Aussies homeless and living in tent cities, Albo, like many elites, is benefitting from the crisis he has created, a massive conflict of interest. It is a pity that we do not have a citizens' right to conduct a referendum to have prime ministers impeached. Even within the woke Leftist Labor Party framework, this guy is even worse than Julia Gillard, something many of us thought was not possible.

"Ah yes, the truth is ugly when it presents itself bald-faced:

Anthony Albanese has broken his silence on his decision to serve an eviction notice to a longstanding tenant, revealing the reason for kicking the man out is all about his "changing circumstances" and his wedding to partner Jodi Haydon.

But he's accused tenant Jim Flanagan, 45, of failing to engage with the real estate agent about resolving the matter after he went public with his plea for mercy.

The Prime Minister, who was grilled on the dispute during a breakfast radio interview, also claimed he was giving him a cut price deal that was "half" the going rate for the property.

"Does he have to leave?" ABC Radio National host Patricia Karvelas asked.

He does because his speculator landlord, who owns four residential properties, wants to double the rent.

It doesn't matter if Albo intends to live in it himself. He wants to avoid paying the astronomical rents he's engineered via wildly out-of-control immigration as an alternative. His current tenet will not.

I would be disgusted, but I can't be any more so 



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Wednesday, 12 June 2024

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