Against Against Accelerationism By John Steele

     Greg Johnson at, explains the doctrine of accelerationism as follows: “Accelerationism is the idea that the best way to achieve White Nationalist goals is to accelerate the decline of the present system. This will supposedly have two effects. First, acceleration will weaken the system’s ability to maintain power, including to oppress dissenters. Second, acceleration will anger and awaken the white masses, making them more receptive to our message.”

     Once we accept that the system is occupied, not by our kind, that the rulers are unelected Deep Staters and other elites, and that we deplorables are ear-marked for the Great Replacement, the conservativism of the past, and past strategies and tactics, need drastic modification. Accelerationism, or as others have called it, destructionism, looks forward to the collapse of the system as needed for any chance of rebuilding, since reform of what exists now is simply impossible. Look at Trump as the last chance of any sort of mainstream poliytical answer to the problems that confront us.

     Johnson makes the following point against accelerationism: “When black rule came to South Africa and Rhodesia, the cascading disasters did not galvanize white self-assertion but instead led to an almost complete collapse of white morale and resistance. …Worse (for them) is not necessarily better (for us). Worse is sometimes just worse. So, praying for bad news—or actively promoting bad outcomes—seems like a very foolish way to create a better world. In fact, it seems akin to suicide bombing: an act of a people reduced to hopelessness and desperation after a long train of defeats. …No, actually we lose by losing. When we lose, we can of course hope that somehow the gods or “history” will turn our defeats into conditions for future victories. But in the end, we can only win by winning.”

     This is still thinking within the paradigm that the system will continue, that there will be clearly defined winners and losers, and that the saytewm will not suffer from collapse threats, as described by numerous sources:

     There is thus a major epistemological difference between one wanting old commo Bernie to beat Trump, which will merely replicate the South African oppressive situation and demoralise whites, and instead hoping for the entire Temple of Evil of modernity to crumble from globally destructive events, such as pandemics, a new Carrington EMP Event, and global economic collapse. Hell, even an asteroid strike would be helpful to turn of the mind control mechanisms of modernity and return man to a naturalistic understanding of realitry, instead of our present Leftist, force-fed social constructionism, where men have no more real freedom than force-fed battery hens.    The dark cloud of civilizational collapse, does have a silver lining. Here is another point of view, one which looks beyond the present paradigm that most nationalists of any colour  live in, after the state and all its discontents, crumbles and falls:

“The collapse will mean the restoration of natural order: the rule of the jungle. In fact, I think it would be wrong to call the destruction of our so-called civilization as a “collapse”; it would simply be a return to the way things were. No more corporate serfdom, no more putrid consumerism, no more technological slavery, and no safe spaces for the cry-babies to hide and cry in. Wimps, complainers, and the weak will not survive. People will once again be naturally selected instead of being artificially sheltered. One of the best aspect of the new order would be the return of masculine virtue. As I’ve said, any new society that people form must be defended against external threats. This is not an option. And only an organized group of men with strength, courage, mastery, and honor (as per Jack Donovan) will prevail in the post-apocalyptic world. Men will be men again. Who knows what savage energy is begging to be unleashed within that man serving as an office drone? Who knows if that guy flipping burgers for a minimum wage will become the future tribal leader? How many men today are living jaded and unfulfilling lives when they could be fighters and warriors instead? Can’t wait until men are allowed to be men again? Then you better be ready for the war for survival.”

And guess what? There won’t be feminist harpies demanding “equality” when strong men are needed to rebuild civilization and defend against gangs and rival tribes. They’ll be begging for some of that “toxic” masculinity to come and protect them. They’ll kneel in submission to a patriarchal order faster than they would have screamed “rape!” in the previous world. Suddenly, with their government boyfriend gone and the internet white knights nowhere to  be found, their whole feminist charade will shatter and the ridiculousness of it all will become apparent. The unstable and fat ones will likely disappear first as they offer no value to anyone. Also in the new world, the SJWs and the rest of the progressive freaks will die faster than a gay snowman in Saudi Arabia. No more bitching and insulting each other on the internet, no more trying to censor or ruin other people, and no more crying for sympathy and victim privileges. There won’t be anymore idiotic debates about who is right or wrong: only who survives and who doesn’t. The struggle for life without civilization will be face to face and man to man. I would love to see how well the loser male-feminists fare against the very men they love to bash without a computer screen to hide behind. The future without the gynocentric system is a future where men will dominate.”

     The longing in many men, perhaps found in the playing of apocalyptic video games, in TV shows about the zombie apocalypse, and other post-system material, is a longing for a return of a world where strength, honour and heroism is valued. If accelerationism, brings this on, then bring it on, quickly!



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Friday, 12 July 2024

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