After Humans, the Rule of Goats By James Reed

     It is a vision out of some pos-apocalyptic movie, where all, or most of the human race has died off; deserted of humans, wild goats now roam the streets of Wales:

“A coastal town in north Wales has found a whole new meaning to the phrase herd immunity, after goats were spotted roaming its quiet streets. It comes just days after British Prime Minister Boris Johnson introduced tighter restrictions around social movement last week in a bid to limit the spread of coronavirus. Residents spotted herds of goats strolling around Llandudno on Friday and over the weekend, after more than a dozen of the animals ventured down from the Great Orme headland and roamed the streets of the coastal town.”

     I simply cannot wait for grizzly bears to roam the deserted streets of Melbourne, bringing diversity to the now bare streets, and dealing with any potential goat problem, once our goats in the outback hear that the city is for the taking. Importing bears and letting them lose, as was done with cane toads, is a most excellent idea, if I must say so myself. It is right in the spirit of globalism.



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Wednesday, 24 July 2024

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