Affirming the Right By Richard Miller

     While I don’t particularly like the site Affirmative Right, which instantly brings to mind affirmative action, there is still some good stuff. So, in this game it is important to keep an open mind, not to be a narrow bigot (only a broad-minded bigot) and read and think freely. There is a good Richard Wolstencroft video, “Report from Tiger Mountain,” giving an intelligent take on conspiracy theories, namely that some are absurd, but the core social metaphysical hypothesis is correct, that humans have agencies, and groups of humans with power use whatever they can be get things done. Hence, if this is not out in the open, a conspiracy. Conspiracies are better called, “plans.” There is another article, “Why Meghan Markle is Bad for the British Royal Family,” which may be painful for some of us of the old school to read, but life now is painful. Also, strong language and shocking TV footage of semi nude Meghan, that I did not know about, and led to me having terrible pains in the chest.

     Overall, don’t dismiss sites because they publish something that gets up your nose. Simply pick it out of your nose and carry on. That is basically a message to myself to be more open-minded.


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Friday, 19 August 2022