Aboriginal Youth, Racism and the Clash of Civilisations By Brian Simpson

     Sad news about the plight of Aboriginal youth:

“Aboriginal youth are being detained at a rate 23 times that of non-Indigenous young people in the justice system. During 2018/19 the average daily detention rate for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders between the age of 10 and 17 was more than 30 per 10,000, compared to 1.4 per 10,000 for non-Indigenous youths. On average, there were 4,790 young people under youth justice supervision in 2018, a Productivity Commission report on government services released on Wednesday said. Most were on community-based orders which includes supervised bail, probation and parole. The majority of young people under the watch of youth justice agencies are male, including nearly 90 per cent of those in detention and close to 75 per cent in the community.

'Stop jailing 10-year-olds': Indigenous boy addresses UN on Australia's youth detention laws

The federal government spent more than $916 million on the sector in 2018/19, with the majority of money going towards detention costs. Because of their age and vulnerability, the duty of care is higher for young people in detention compared to adults, the report says. More than 300 youth in custody suffered injuries from an assault, while a further 35 were subject to serious assault. "These data tend to fluctuate across jurisdictions and over time, particularly for those jurisdictions with small numbers of young people in detention," the report said.”

     The Left mindlessly says: Australia is therefore racist, the police are racist, the judges, everybody except the virtuous Left. But, this solves nothing, because while there may be many racist police and judges, unlawful acts are still being committed, giving them the excuse. The problem is a vastly complex socio-cultural issue of dislocation, which we see to a more limited degree with even white young males. The system is not so much racist, as hostile to male values generating a sense of anomie in young males. Aboriginal males feel this the most. It is a grinding form of oppression that never leaves them.

     This problem cannot be solved within the present system because it is the system which generates the problem facing boys in the first place. We will need to undo the damage hyper-feminism has done in its war against boys, white and black:



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Tuesday, 16 July 2024

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