Abbott and Immigration: It is About Time! By James Reed

     It took some time, but Tony Abbott at last, now that he has nothing to lose, is taking on the immigration monster: 

“Tony Abbott has seized on Peter Dutton’s claim that Australia needs to cut its migration intake and signalled he will renew his push to do so by linking migrant numbers to quality of living issues. On Monday the former prime minister said he would make the case for cutting migration to improve “stagnant wages, unaffordable housing and clogged infrastructure” in a speech in Sydney on Tuesday.

The speech coincides with Malcolm Turnbull’s trip to the US to meet Donald Trump and picks up on themes from Abbott’s “conservative manifesto” launched in 2017, viewed as a critique of Turnbull government policies. Abbott told 2GB Radio that the “gossip” regarding Barnaby Joyce and politicians’ private lives was a “very serious distraction” to issues including power prices, wages, housing prices and traffic congestion that the government “should be attending to”.

Asked about Jim Molan’s first Senate speech in which the conservative Liberal called for a reassessment of migration levels, Abbott said the program must be run “in Australia’s national interest”. “Just at the moment we’ve got stagnant wages, unaffordable housing, clogged infrastructure and there is no doubt the rate of immigration impacts on all of these things.”

Abbott said that immigration had averaged 110,000 a year for most of the life of the Howard government and since 2006 “it’s been running at double that rate”. “That means every five years we are adding – by immigration alone – a city the size of Adelaide to our population.”

     That immigration adds a city the size of Adelaide to Australia, primarily by compressing Sydney and Melbourne to increasingly unliveable levels, should have people rioting in the streets. The walls of parliament should shake, but since the end of World War II, immigration has been treated as a sacred cow, because it meets various conspiratorial agendas, I have argued for many years. It is no coincidence that immigration has softened up the population for all the post 1960s horrors, such as multiculturalism, Asianisation and political correctness.

     Here is Judith Sloan recently commenting on some of the disutilities of Australia’s insane immigration:

“The main chancers who regularly declare Melbourne the most live¬able city in the world must have a sense of humour. They most certainly don’t live in Melbourne. Take it from me, Melbourne is a complete nightmare to get around. If you drive, it takes an age. If you take public transport, be prepared for the sardine-tin experience. House prices are out of this world. The shopping might be good, but it’s impossible to park at many shopping centres. Hospitals and schools are overcrowded.

There are parts of the CBD where it’s easy to feel as if you are in another country — there’s not a lot of English being spoken. If this is the most liveable city in the world, I’d like to see what’s unliveable. I’m not Robinson Crusoe when I express these views. And let’s face it, Sydney is not much better. The fact is Tony Abbott is really on to something when he calls for a significant reduction in the number of immigrants coming to this country.

What I can’t understand is why a Coalition government hasn’t been on to this issue much sooner. Running a sensible and sustainable immigration program is as important as border control.”

     The answer to Sloan’s question is easy enough: the Coalition is a Big Business party, and Big Business wants mass immigration for profits for their clan. If housing prices become unreachable for the average Anglo Australian, well, just die … there are rich foreigners to replace you. It is as simple as that, and anyone walking the streets can see that. Been to the Sydney CBD lately anyone?
     I think that it would be a derelict of duty to end a lamentation about immigration without reinforcing that some people are still fighting on. Do not forget the “Reduce Immigration” write on every time you vote. Go to this site to get informed and pass the good message around: 



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Tuesday, 16 July 2024

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