A World Hurtling Towards Oblivion By Peter West

     I have written, and spoken so much about all of the ethno-racial civilizational crisis which we face, that I sometimes come down with world weariness, and its neighbour, world weirdness. In this state one gets a severe flu, sore throat, and “absolute diarrhoea”, which is an unpleasant illness, depleting one’s fighting reserves, let alone bodily fluids and vital essences. But, after a few days crawling through the existential mud, I bootstrap myself up, and go on. Here, is a brief rundown on things which collectively put me down for a count of nine, this week, a doomsday shopping list.

     It is strange for the Third World to lead the First in the political correctness stakes, but it happens. Colombia, in South America, has now recognised a polygamous marriage of three gay men. Apparently this family was once four men, but one of the party died of cancer. Then there were three. Colombia legalised same sex marriage last year, and has now recognised gay polygamous marriage in record time.  If three can be recognised then why not 500? No doubt, if it has a precedence somewhere in the world, then it will happen in record time in good old Oz. This will mean that traditional marriage becomes basically meaningless. But, of course, that was the plan.

     How about the law, the splendid law? Across the common law world legal aid funds have been slashed and people struggle to get together a legal defence. But, not if you are a convicted terrorist fighting against deportation. Then in Britain you can be given £ 250,000, even if your terrorist crimes are some of the most serious that come before the courts. But only a day later, it was revealed that a Zimbabwean sex offender who attacked a 13-year-old girl could not be deported, even though he faced no threat to his safety or freedom in Zimbabwe, because it would not be “fair” to him! Of course, the elites never consider what would be fair to those who do not belong to politically correct groups.

     In Germany it is even worse, as any pretence that the rule of law is existing has collapsed, with the police being powerless to deal with Middle Eastern gangs. German judges and prosecutors are in fear of dealing with these criminals because of threats to their families. The apocalypse is here, because god men could not, or would not see, and act in time. Sorry if this sounds negative, but given the facts, what else can one say?
If your leg was sawn off by a chain saw, and fell into a wood chipper, would you be optimistic about your leg as you bled out? Well, the West is bleeding out now.

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Monday, 22 April 2024

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