Seems a responsible move on the part of the Environment Defenders Office (Qld). If you are a Queensland farmer concerned about your water rights have a look at what this group is doing – and then judge for yourself.
“Qld farmers fear loss of justice if miners can take groundwater without licence,” reports the website of the Environment Defenders Office (Qld): 
EDO Qld says time is running out for the Queensland Labor government to stop controversial LNP water reforms that will strip farmers of their right to appeal proposed mine impacts on precious groundwater supplies, risking permanent damage to the state’s water systems (ABC Radio PM, Farmers fear Queensland water reforms, Wednesday 20 July).
With reforms to water laws due to be debated in Queensland parliament as early as next
month, EDO Qld solicitor Revel Pointon said new information provided to Central Queensland grazier Bruce Currie indicates that he and other farmers stand to lose legal rights to challenge grants of groundwater water to mining companies.
 “Our office has been approached by farmers concerned about a permanent loss of vital water supply unless the government steps in and scraps the LNP laws to give statutory rights to associated water to mining companies,” Ms Pointon said.
With amendments to the Water Legislation Amendment Bill 2015 expected soon before Parliament the Government has an opportunity to protect our farmers, their objection rights and local ecosystems…”
Read further here: http://www.edoqld.org.au/news/qld-farmers-fear-loss-of-justice-if-miners-can-take-groundwater-without-licence/

Environmental Defenders Office Qld (EDO Qld) is an independent community legal centre, empowering the community to use the law to protect the environment.



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Thursday, 29 September 2022