A Knee on the Neck; A Jackboot in the Face By Richard Miller

     Many takes on this one. First corona-fascism, as a young lad with his face mask not on properly, gets his face pounded into the ground by the ever-friendly police, who across the world have shown what they really stand for. Take 2, well, unlike George Floyd, there is no breathing problems and no death, so really the police are just helping out with neck massages in the aid of chiropractic health. Neck stretching.

“A Spanish police officer pressed his knee down on a 14-year-old's neck to restrain him after he caught the youngster without his face mask on properly. One onlooker could be overheard shouting at the officer, 'don't squeeze him so hard' as he used the controversial George Floyd-style restraint while the youngster screamed in agony on the pavement. Another female in the crowd gathered round the policeman branded him an 'abuser' and 'b*****d' as he used his hands to press down on the boy's face to keep him pinned to the floor. A second policeman was then filmed asking for the ID of an older woman thought to be the boy's mum who started criticising the police as they took the teenager away. He turned around and demanded her name and address and ID documents after police reinforcements arrived and she repeatedly demanded to know why such force had been used against the youngster after he was spotted with his face covering down around his neck. The incident happened on Tuesday in the northern city of Miranda de Ebro just below Spain's Basque region. It occurred just days after six police officers in Madrid were filmed forcing a woman into a police car and hitting her head off the vehicle during an arrest for not wearing a mask. 

     Maybe defunding the police, if the ordinary people get the right to comprehensive firearm ownership and robust self-defence rights, would not be such a bad thing, as some anarcho-capitalists have argued, and why we are at it, defunding our governments is not a bad idea either.



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Friday, 24 March 2023

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