A Good Point from China By James Reed

     In this time of China bashing, rightly or wrongly, it is good to take a deep breath and reflect on some of the great things China is doing in terms of social capital, forgetting about organ harvesting, bad social credit, and all that. Criticism where it is needed, but always be balanced, unlike the Left.

“Beijing wants citizens to “dress neatly,” stop spitting and refrain from defecating in public places as it strives to eliminate “uncivilized” behavior amid the deadly Chinese coronavirus outbreak. Rulebreakers will be hit with fines for those offences as well as not wearing a mask when ill, the municipal government announced Friday on its website, as it sought to improve standards of public hygiene. The new laws require public places to set up one metre distance markers and to provide communal chopsticks and serving spoons for shared meals. Citizens were cautioned on the  “dress neatly” requirement to end the practice of local men going shirtless in summer — an apparent reference to the so-called “Beijing bikini” practice where males of all ages roll T-shirts up to expose their stomachs in hot weather. The state-run Global Times said the rule equalled a “total ban” of the practice in public places. Beijing already discourages a range of “uncivilized” behaviours including public spitting, littering, walking dogs unleashed, throwing things from high buildings, public defecation and smoking in places where it is prohibited. Now miscreants face the possibility of a fine as well as censure because Beijing’s new laws encourage police to report serious offences, which may affect a person’s social credit score — a fledgling system which aims to assess individual actions across society — though it did not provide more specifics. This is not the first time the matter of public hygiene in China has been addressed during the coronavirus outbreak.”

     I fully support China clamping down on people pooping in public. But, it needs to move and close down the wet markets, where exotic animals give humans exotic diseases that look just like they were genetically engineered as bioweapons of mass destruction. It gives the place a bad name.



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Saturday, 20 July 2024

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