A Generation of Sociopaths By James Reed

     With all the things going on, it is natural to sit back and ponder; how did it happen, on whose watch did all of this occur? One natural strata of people to blame is my generation of baby boomers, and in his book, A Generation of Sociopaths: How the Baby Boomers Betrayed America, (Hachette, New York, 2017), author Bruce Gibney does just that. In fact, he argues that the baby boomer generation are technically sociopaths, having the clinical symptoms of this psychological disorder, such as extreme narcissism.

     The lack of empathy, prudence and genuine altruism among boomers does stand out. However, what we have also seen is that later generations also have the same sociopathological trait seeing themselves as unique precious snowflakes; not all, but it is something which is very common.

     This it will make it exceptionally hard to save Western civilisation from social disintegration, since this task will require great sacrifice, and that is something in short supply today. The pre-world War II world, let alone the world of our ancestors has become like a dream, with seemingly no real connection to the present. Simply go into any of the big shopping malls in any capital city, and spend some time simply looking at the sheeple. Try Friday night late night shopping when the school kids are out in force, to get a vision of the darkness of the future.



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Saturday, 24 February 2024

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