A Doctor Comments on Her Covid Vax Injured Patients By Mrs (Dr) Abigail Knight (Florida)

 US doctor, Mary Talley Bowden, who took a stand on the Covid tyranny, has posted a comment on X, saying that around half of her Covid patients have vaccine injuries, which is extraordinary. She details the story of one patient, an athlete, who was encouraged by his previous doctor to get the vax, and then had a racing heart and severe anxiety, and is presumably an athlete no more. His doctor said that this was not caused by the sacred vax, and did not report the case. It seems to be typical, a response by GPs not just reinforced by medical boards registering any critics, but by the culture of modern allopathic medicine itself, based around the disease model and Big Pharma's modern sorcery to deal with it.


"About half of my COVID patients now are vaccine injuries. First patient today was a previously very healthy athlete. He handed me his business card and said "This is me" then he handed me his vaccine card and said "And this is the biggest mistake I've ever made." His PCP at


, Dr Alan Hoffman, urged him to get the shots, and he was one of the first, getting his first Moderna shot 12/20. When he subsequently developed chronic tremors, unbearable flushing, racing heart, and massive anxiety, his PCP said there was no way his symptoms were from the shots and encouraged him to get a booster. Prior to me, he'd seen 5 other doctors - none of them have reported his case to VAERS."



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Wednesday, 28 February 2024

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