A Dictatorship with Power - But Not Responsibility

Clifford Hugh Douglas originally delivered an address on “The International Idea” to a  London audience and it was later reproduced in "The New Age," Jan. 14th, 1932. 


 Upon reading Jo Nova’s website article:  “Wind Power Sucks Money and Electricity in South Australia”, our thoughts went to what Douglas observed all those years ago.

The main points of Douglas’ address bearing on Jo Nova’s article are dot pointed here. Keep in mind, in this modern money-economy no large or small enterprise can ‘get off the ground’ without the necessary financial/banking backing:

· Society at the present time is a battle ground of two fundamentally opposed ideas and the future of society (now civilisation ..ed) likely to be determined by which of those ideas shall prevail.

· One of these ideas, is the breaking down of all differences, social and national, and the setting up of a world state.

· And evidence to the contrary offers no evidence or argument to the Internationalist.
The idea is impervious to the assault of fact.

· There is a perfectly straightforward and practical explanation of this propaganda for internationalism, and for practical purposes one does not really need to look far.

· Hardly a day passes without a leading article in leading newspapers remarking, as though it were axiomatic, that the world is one economic unit, and that no adjustment of the present discontents can be expected which does not proceed from international agreement.

· This opinion, is never argued; it is always stated as though it were obvious to the meanest intellect.

· The simplest explanation of this is that if you only make a subject large enough and involve a sufficiently large number of people in the solution of it, you can rest assured that you will never get a solution.

· If you can super-impose upon that by means of a controlled Press, Broadcasting, and other devices of a similar nature, something that you call "public opinion'' (because it is the only opinion which is articulated) you have a perfect mechanism for a continuous dictatorship.

· A dictatorship with power but not responsibility.

· Almost equally obvious, and probably equally true - local sovereignty, particularly as it extends to finance, is a barrier to the supremacy of international finance.

· The mentality which is attracted by the Internationalist idea is incapable of distinguishing between numbers, things, and individuals.

· It is a type of mentality which is fostered and ultimately becomes inseparable from people who deal with nothing but figures, and is, the reason why the banker in particular is fundamentally unsuited for the position of reorganiser of the world.

· No banker as such, has any knowledge of large undertakings. He thinks he has, because he deals with large figures, and he mistakes the dealing with large figures as being equivalent to dealing with large numbers of things and people.

· The idea at the root of the International Idea - you can obtain an elaborate series of statistics regarding the populations of the world and put a committee down at Geneva, or elsewhere, to legislate for them on the basis of statistics. (italics added…ed)

· An idea never accepted by anyone who has ever run or organised a small business,

· The qualifications for organising the whole world have never been checked by any kind of laboratory experiment. They are, in fact, in exactly the position of a would-be bridge builder who is ignorant both of the Theory of Structures and the Strength of Materials.



Source: Jo Nova’s website

On a good day South Australia has more than 40% renewable energy. On a bad day, it’s -2 or something. Wind towers suck in so many ways.  They can even draw more power out than they bring in and best of all — their peak electron sucking power comes just when the state needs electricity the most.

Business blows up as turbines suck more power than they generate

The sapping of power by the turbines during calm weather on July 7 at the height of the crisis, which has caused a price surge, shows just how unreliable and intermittent wind power is for a state with a renewable energy mix of more than 40 per cent.

South Australia has more “renewable” wind power than anywhere else in Australia. They also have the highest electricity bills, the highest unemployment, the largest number of “failures to pay” and disconnections. Coincidence?

The emergency measures are needed to ease punishing costs for South Australian industry as National Electricity Market (NEM) prices in the state have frequently surged above $1000 a megawatt hour this month and at one point on Tuesday hit the $14,000MWh maximum price.

Complaints from business about the extreme prices – in normal times they are below $100 – prompted the state government to ask energy company ENGIE to switch its mothballed Pelican Point gas power station back on.

It’s not just about peak pricing it’s monthly pricing too:

Electricity contracts for delivery in 2017 and 2018 are priced at $91-100MWh in South Australia, compared to $50-63 in Victoria, NSW and Queensland.

South Australian NEM prices have averaged about $360MWh so far this month, Mr Morris said, compared to $80-90MWh in Victoria and NSW.

SA has more disconnections than anywhere else:

Statistics from the Australian Energy Regulator showed South Australia already had the highest proportion of disconnections in the nation. From January to March, more than 0.30 per every 100 customers or more than 2,500 South Australian residential customers were disconnected.

This is the wind power contribution in SA for the last two weeks: (this is a typical pattern, see August 2015.  

Read further here…..Jo Nova’s website




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