to the Letters Editor of The Australian               27th October 2020

from NIGEL JACKSON      Belgrave, Victoria

 Dear Letters Editor,

Could you please reconsider for publication one or other of the two letters pasted below?  On the weekend your paper gave huge coverage to a story potentially injurious to the reputation of HRH Prince Charles. On Monday it gave prominence to a lengthy news story injurious to the reputation of Sir John Kerr. Both these items were pro-republican, anti-monarchist.

     Surely The Australian will publish at least one letter of dissent from the monarchist side?  The snippet from Professor Flint is too small to count.

     In this great ongoing debate about our constitutional future, I hope that your paper will consistently give fair space to the monarchist side, even if it advocates a republic. It would be a poor start for a republic if it were achieved only by massive stifling of the monarchist case.

           Yours sincerely,

Nigel Jackson