The antifa are getting increasingly violent, no, perhaps radical Leftists always were like that, believing the opposite of John Lemon: give violence a chance.


         Exhibit one, the attempted assassination of a German politician:




In a social media post that has since been deleted, an Antifa organization claimed its members were responsible for attacking and nearly killing a German member of parliament to “free him” of his “fascist” ideas.


In a “breaking” Twitter post last week, Belgian-born Greek journalist Sotiri Dimpinoudis wrote that German AfD Minister of Parliament Frank Magnitz “was badly injured in the German town” of Bremen, “probably by three persons of the Antifa. Evidently a man (passer by) saved his life today at night.”


The tweet is accompanied by a graphic picture of Magnitz lying on a hospital bed bleeding from wounds and sporting a swollen right eye.


The deleted post at Indymedia stated, according to Google Translate:


The anti-fascist spring Bremen announces that we wanted to free the AfD politician F. Magnitz on Monday against 18.00 clock local time of his fascist ideas. Magnitz, who keeps good contacts in the far-right and fascist scene and often appears with racial utterances, must not take a foothold in Bremen and elsewhere and heard like any other Nazi muzzled. We do not tolerate any Nazi scum in our area! The anti-fascist spring will come! Get ready!


It’s not clear why the post was deleted, The Gateway Pundit noted, and because it was posted anonymously there is no way to verify its authenticity. But that said, the Antifa group put up calls for violence on their Facebook page about a week before Magnitz was attacked.”


         In America antifa are having a swell time, rampaging all over the place, kicking in the odd face:




This story has been largely ignored by the mainstream media in town, but it could very well be one of the more shocking stories of the weekend. On Saturday afternoon, Antifa had a protest, not in Portland as usual, but here at home, downtown Seattle. A mob of about 150 people were blocking sidewalks downtown in protest of Trump and his immigration policies.


We’ve seen what has happened in Portland, where things have gotten violent, and sometimes dangerous. Antifa has taken over the streets of Portland because the police and mayor have shown incredible weakness in protecting the citizens. You may recall the audio we played a few weeks ago where Antifa blocked the streets; one driver drove down a blocked streets anyway, an Antifa member jumped on his car, and then Antifa mobsters chased the driver down the street, smashing the car with their weapons.”




         The police have come to recognise that antifa rules, since these sorts of Leftists, if and when they grow up, ultimately become part of the new globalist oppressive class, who keep the boots in our backs. This is all just boot camp for them:




If you aren’t familiar with his work, independent journalist Andy Ngo has made something of a career out of chronicling the outright douchebaggery of the antifa movement and the coziness of the Portland and Seattle governments with that movement. His efforts have discomfited the antifa and irritated politicians. And, along the way, it has given all of us a view of what happens when a governmental entity stops trying to enforce laws equally and decides that supporting a violent and extreme political faction is the way to gain popularity.


Yesterday, a group called the Three Percenters had a permit for a rally in Seattle. They were met by the antifa who didn’t bother to obtain a permit, though the police don’t really seem to care.


There are two interesting things that happen in this segment. First, Ngo is headed off by two antifa carrying what appear to be some civilian knockoff of the M-4 and they tell him they will not let him pass. Then a cop intervenes and tells them to let Ngo through. The cop is less than six feet from the armed antifa, he seemingly heard them tell Ngo he couldn’t pass but somehow the blocking of passage on a sidewalk and the possession of a pair of semi-automatic rifles are never linked into one act.


Then the situation starts to deteriorate for Ngo.”


         Ngo was then threatened by the police, who must have felt it easier to attack a victim rather than those waving guns around. The police did nothing when death threats were made. Probably Ngo is lucky that the police did not gun him down for fun! Oh, that will never happen, would it?


“Sort of amazing, really. The Seattle PD had zero problem with armed people showing up for an un-permitted protest. They had zero problem with a sidewalk being obstructed or a journalist being rather unambiguously threatened. And rather than enforce the law, they told a guy engaging in Constitutionally protected behavior–covering this illegal demonstration as a journalist–that he was the problem.


This kind of gutlessness by the police and sympathetic treatment of these thugs by various governmental bodies is going to inevitably lead to violence and bloodshed. Maybe when these masked Starbucks employees are stacked up like cordwood in the streets, someone will decide that the law should be enforced.”




         Don’t bet on it – this is after all, anarcho-tyranny, anarchy at the street level, and totalitarianism at the government level, designed to crush the deplorables to dust.