Trump supporter and patriot cowboy hat maker, Lee Keltner, was gunned down by a Leftist,  hired as a security guard. The Left immediately celebrated, while there were no street riots, or burning down of universities by the conservatives, of course.

“The “private security guard” arrested and charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of a Patriot Prayer demonstrator in Denver is a far leftist with a track record of left-wing social media postings, Big League Politics can confirm.

It’s not surprising that Dolloff is quick to resort to violence against conservatives when he views President Trump as a “fascist dictator.”

On Dolloff’s Twitter, he liked content pertaining to Bernie Sanders and Cenk Uygur, and posts that argued for the Confederate flag to be treated in a manner akin to the Nazi swastika.

The far leftist had the gall to claim that Trump supporters were violently beating liberal activists, years before he shot a man armed only with spraying mace in the head at point blank range.”

         If he goes to jail hopefully he will make lots of really close relationships with the sorts of people Leftist love the most, and he will be … happy.