This item deals with Facebook, who bans gun ads, but spends millions on Zucky’s security, which no doubt will involve men with guns. It is the double standard of the Left; slavery for thee, freedom for me. As well, I note that all of these stars need tough guys to protect them. None ever say: I protect myself, I have a gun, lift heavy weights, and train martial arts, so watch out, don’t mess with me. Nothing like that; they are all pencil necks. Oh, I just remembered that Pelosi said that she was a street fighter who was ready to take on the insurrectionists. What, a 81-year-old frail woman, who wants guns banned? Not believable.


“The same Facebook social media platform that bans your gun ads spent over $23 million on security for Mark Zuckerberg in 2020.

The Daily Mail reports Facebook spent “more than $13.4 million on personal security” for Zuckerberg, plus another $10 million in the form of a “pre-tax allowance…for his family’s private security.”

The spending represented a $3 million increase over security costs for 2019.

Facebook explained the security expenditures by pointing out the increase in cost was “primarily due to regular personal travel, costs relating to security protocols during the COVID-19 pandemic, increased security coverage during the 2020 US elections and other periods with increased security risk, and market increases in the costs of security personnel.”

While Facebook spends millions on Zuckerberg’s security it continues to restrict and/or prohibit the sharing of firearm-related information between common men.

For example:


People, the only answer is to defund Facebook and the rest of Big Tech. there are alternatives, use them. Trump should have done this and by now could have established an alternative system, but he was too much under the thumb of Jared.