A tremendous article by survivalist Selco, who made it through the Balks War. Looking at what is happening, as recorded in part at this blog, and making predictions about what to come, from a survivalists’ perspective, he sees the camping trip as over. In the beginning, as we saw with Covid preps, people stock up on supplies such as toilet paper, having some sort of fear of running out, when food and water are much more important; much of Asia gets by fine without toilet paper, and I have spent years there, and have done number two more than once! Just choose your hand! Sorry, that is how it is in much of Asia.

Then, a little further down the road, things get down-right serious, as we are seeing in places like Baltimore, covered in another article at this blog too, I think. There, the authorities are ignoring enforcing many crimes. That too will grow as the police are defunded. And, the cruelty of the police in the Covid freak-out has not gained them much support. That is the stage of socio-political collapse, anarcho-tyranny not necessary the end of the state, which becomes even more authoritarian to enforce its rule, but the end of the rule of law to protect the liberties of citizens. That is what is being seen now in the United States, which is a study of social collapse.