When one thinks of slavery in North America, of course the narrative is dominated by the Black slave trade, although there were more White slaves than Blacks over the course of American history, they were just called indentured labour or something like that. The Irish were treated particularly bad, as an article at your site has recently documented:


         We should be aware that the native Americans engaged in slavery long before Whites came to America, so that they were the first slave traders in America.


“In fact, some Native American tribes were holding war captives as slaves even before European colonization. They were often used to carry out labor; some were also tortured in religious rites. After Europeans began to settle the continent, some Native Americans were captured and sold by their fellow Native Americans into slavery to Europeans.

Moreover, some tribes held African American slaves. Historical records show that Native American groups like the Seminoles, Cherokee, Creek and Chickasaw made great efforts to assimilate into white society and this included adopting their enslavement of Africans as well. It was at this point that the Native American slavery practices started to become more like the European ones and distinguish slaves more often based on race.

This created a lot of tension, particularly in the south, as different Native American tribes viewed the ideology behind African enslavement differently. While some Native American nations would give sanctuary to runaway slaves in the 1800s, others would capture them and bring them back to their white masters; some would simply re-enslave them for their own benefit. Others, however, incorporated them into their societies.

“The Five Civilized Tribes were deeply committed to slavery, established their own racialized black codes, immediately reestablished slavery when they arrived in Indian territory, rebuilt their nations with slave labor, crushed slave rebellions, and enthusiastically sided with the Confederacy in the Civil War,” museum curator Paul Chaat Smith said. Some …  even practiced cannibalism.”


         You can be sure, that while Christopher Columbus is slammed in schools and universities, these institutions long ago infested with Cultural Marxism, as being a “racist,” nothing will be said of native American slave owners, let alone Black slave owners owning other blacks. It refutes the politically correct narrative.