At the cost of thousands of pounds, that could have been spent on giving water to poor Third World people, who are forced to drink dust due to Western colonialism and racism, a statue has been built and planted at some UK university to honour climate guru Greta Thunberg. Yes, and how much energy did it take to make this? Did the little princess herself try and stop it? Maybe she did not even get consulted about it? Anyway, I am pleased to see any activity that increases carbon dioxide on Earth, the one thing holding off the inevitable ice age. Otherwise, we might have a new Dark Age and a new ice age!


“The University of Winchester has unveiled its almost £24,000 statue of Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg, angering staff who have faced years of cutbacks.

The £23,760 ($32,700) bronze monument to the teenager, who was elevated to international prominence by global leaders after she began skipping classes at her publicly-funded school on Fridays to protest a perceived lack of action on climate change, was slammed as a “vanity project” by staff at the university.

The Winchester branch of the University and College Union (UCU) said that although it “supports the role that Thunberg has played globally… This money should have been better used by preventing redundancies and other cuts at the university” after years of austerity.

“The university’s distinctive approach to commissioning pieces of art is to do so in unminuted meetings and/or avoid any committee scrutiny,” the union added facetiously.

“Not the ideal approach when spending university money.”


The university leadership, for its part, defended its expensive statue. “The university’s approach to art is to commission or purchase unusual and striking pieces which embody our distinctiveness and values,” pronounced Vice-Chancellor Joy Carter, insisting that “Greta is a young woman who, in spite of difficulties in her life, has become a world-leading environmental activist” and, “As the university for sustainability and social justice, we are proud to honour this inspirational woman in this way.”

The controversial move comes at a time when historic statues and memorials to Britain’s monarchsprime ministerswar heroes, and great merchants and philosophers are being targeted by Black Lives Matter-inspired vandals, activists, and politicians, with some destroyed, some removed, and some “recontextualised” with plaques and information boards denouncing the figures they depict.”