This is the build up to the mandatory jab of the Covid-19 vaccine. Make it tough, then make it impossible. First, no travel, no welfare, no money, job or food. Who needs to make it mandatory!

“Australians could face being turned away at the border and having their welfare payments withheld if they refuse to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt has warned.

Mr Hunt said he would 'not rule out' banning Australians from entering the country if they had not received the jab as he fielded a series of probing questions from A Current Affair host Tracey Grimshaw on Wednesday evening.

Detailing how the roll-out of the vaccine could unfold in Australia, the minister said the government was not considering making inoculation compulsory.

But he echoed Prime Minister Scott Morrison who said on Wednesday morning he will make a coronavirus vaccine 'as mandatory as possible' without it being illegal to refuse a dose.

'We will never be looking at enforcing a vaccine - that's never been the government's position,' Mr Hunt said.

'But in particular where we have items like "no jab, no play, no jab no pay" they would always be options.'

When asked whether the government would consider refusing entry to non-vaccinated Australians returning from overseas, Mr Hunt said he 'wouldn't rule it out'.   

'If the medical advice is that it's required I could certainly imagine that being the case,' he said.” 

We need to begin thinking very carefully about how to handle all of this.