Someone needs to explain to Noel Pearson and Pat Anderson why there has justifiably been ‘almost complete silence from government’ since the Uluru ‘Statement from the heart’ (‘Silence follows Uluru summit’, 25/10).  It has nothing to do with a ‘lack of responsibility’ or ‘failure of understanding’ among parliamentarians or COAG.  It comes from the sensible recognition in high places that the advisory body made demands which the majority of Australians will never be persuaded to endorse.
     Constitutional recognition of any kind has been shown to be inequitable, unjust to other citizens and a danger to our national unity, stability and security.  Waffle about Aboriginals being left ‘in the demountable out the back’ or that disadvantage cannot be tackled without ‘structural reform’ simply ignores reality.
     NJ, Belgrave, Vic