Can you imagine my utter excitement? As readers will know, for well over a decade I have been proposing that the universities be closed down, and the utilitarian practical areas such as medicine, taken up in hospitals, while the Arts are totally abandoned. My critique at this site has been to show how most of the degeneracy which we as traditionalist, Christ-believing people oppose, comes from the universities. And, now, it seems US radical journalist Jim Goad has independently reached the same conclusion in a magnificent hard-hitting article, at the great site:

“At a symposium in May, Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen predicted that “50 percent of the 4,000 colleges and universities in the U.S. will be bankrupt in 10 to 15 years.”

Christensen appears to be onto something. The number of students enrolled in American colleges and universities has dropped every year for the past five years. In 2016, the majority of private and public American colleges failed to meet their enrollment and tuition targets.

This is possibly the best news I’ve heard all year. And not because I’m against learning or education—it’s because American colleges no longer teach people how to think; they command people what to think, with the constant looming Sword of Damocles hanging over the head of anyone foolish enough to express a dissident thought.”

     The universities across the West are hostile to Christianity and to White males, especially Nordic (Northern European) males. They support every politically correct cause, because this is the breeding ground for it, the ultimate cesspool.

     Australian universities are even more vulnerable than American ones. They have thrown their lot in with Chinese money. Hence, all those new high rise building next to the inner city universities now going up. The future, as they see it is for universities to become primarily service ports for overseas Chinese who instantly become migrants.

     The problem here is that the China economic bubble which our elites chase, may soon burst. Perhaps, even before the fall of China, Australia will bite the dust. An article at:
 gives the best orthodox economic explanation as to why Australia’s economy is set to crash, as the Australian economy has been based on an immigration bubble, plastered on a property bubble, slapped on a mining bubble, pounded on a china worship bubble.

     But, now even the mainstream press is predicting doom for Australia, as these bubbles pop:

“The party is finally winding down for Australia’s housing market. How severe the hangover is will determine the economy’s fate for years to come.  After five years of surging prices, the market value of the nation’s homes has ballooned to A$7.3 trillion ($5.6 trillion) -- or more than four times gross domestic product. Not even the U.S. and U.K. markets achieved such heights at their peaks a decade ago before prices spiraled lower and dragged their economies with them.

Australia’s obsession with property is firmly entrenched in the nation’s economy and psyche, fueled by record-low interest rates, generous tax breaks, banks hooked on mortgage lending, and prime-time TV shows where home renovators are lauded like sporting heroes. For many, homes morphed into cash machines to finance loans for boats, cars and investment properties. The upshot: households are now twice as indebted as China’s.”

     The article concludes that things may cool down more quickly than anyone suspects. Indeed, it is about time that Australians are taught a lesson about reality and the survival of the fittest, being seduced by politically correct campaigns, which people in past generations, lacking the same decadent affluence, and embracing Christian values over pagan materialism, would never have contemplated.

     The end of the universities will mean an end to this anti-White male propaganda:

 Goad concludes:

“my tax dollars are helping to bankroll this madness. I’m paying the government to train people to hate people such as me. I work 365 days a year and have been doing so for nearly a decade. Your average American teacher works about half the year—on my dime.
American colleges no longer bother to even pretend that they’re teaching students how to think. Instead, their noble mission is making sure that every last trace of a dissident thought is mercilessly shotgunned out of their students’ brains before unleashing them into a world where they have trouble tying their own shoes without doubling their normal dose of antidepressants.
So let the colleges die. Let the teachers—almost to the last gender-fluid one of them an Armchair Marxist who fetishizes the “working class” from afar—learn what it’s really like to earn a living.”

     I have said the same thing many times, and my heart is glad that the idea of closing down the universities is getting a hearing. After all, it was the US firebrand journalist H. L. Mencken (1880-1956), an early Jim Goad, who suggested that the real way to reform the universities would be to “burn the buildings and hang the professors”:

     Some Alt Right wags have suggested that the military conduct aerial bombing on these institutions:

     I, however, do not support violence even as a metaphor, and hope that my proposal of closing down the universities, and selling off the land for productive businesses, catches on with Right-minded intellectuals across the world. I hope that one day, in my wheelchair, I may join a mass protest outside of a university chanting: CLOSE DOWN THE UNIVERSITIES NOW!