There have been spirited outlines of the noble goals of the Ramsay Centre for Western Civilisation:
and predictably enough there have been the critiques:     Is it really necessary to have a URL this long? If man has got to the moon, surely something could be done about it?

     The concept of Western civilisation is past its use by date for university Humanities; you know, multicult, Asia, Asia, Asia, and all of that.

     But, it is surely the other way round.  It is the Humanities and the vile tax payer-parasitic universities which have long outlived their usefulness to society. As I have said for years, we would be better off without these cesspools of evil and Satanic darkness.

     How about Pauline Hanson going on the offence for a change and championing this idea, and idea whose time has surely come? Got her number?