An update on the joys of diversity in Europe. Remember, if diversity is good, it must be a universal truth that it is good.  So, all of this is relevant to “our” future, whatever “our”now means.

     Muslims in France are demanding 2,500 more mosques be built, presumably at taxpayers expense, and they promise not to conduct illegal street prayer:

     Probably the French will deliver 25,000 mosques, so long as nobody even whispers the R word.  Emmie Macron, who likes to sit with his legs together (unlike the man spreading Trump) will help. What a good man he is, heart of gold:

     Oh, look at all the tangles in Sweden as various pc ideologies clash:

     Rape offences have reached a record high in Sweden, but nobody can work out who is doing it:

     Over in Germany, there have been a massive spike in stabbings – pun intended – but nobody knows why knives suddenly levitate from drawers and slice White peoples’ throats:

     Then there is “moderate” Indonesia:

     The above article by Amnesty USA says that eight men gang raped the woman, and she gets charged for adultery, and whipped. Does that seem fair to you? Is it “feminist”?

     Well, I guess with multicultural relativism, anything goes now. Remember, if you are White, criticising another culture is “racist”: