The papers have oodles of material about Lionel Murphy, based on documents which have just been released. The High Court judge, and former Whitlam government attorney-general, was looking to be the first Australian High Court judge to be forcibly removed from office.

     The allegations were extensive beyond even the charges of perverting the course of justice, from which he was acquitted, and include associations with a crime boss, receiving “sexual favours from women” i.e. prostitutes, supplied by the criminal connection, being a silent partner in an illegal brothel,  and so on. It would easily have been enough to sink him, but Murphy got lucky and begun to die from cancer, so the inquiry was called off in August 1986: The Australian, September 15, 2017, p. 1.

     However, the inquiry should have proceeded and would have for anyone else, so stopping the inquiry in itself merits an investigation.

     We all know that some of our politicians are corrupt and that politics merges in with organized crime, and these connections have even appeared in the press, discussed in other articles.

     But, beyond all of this, Murphy as attorney-general gave us the disaster of The Family Law Act 1975, with no fault divorce and the regime attacking manhood and the family, all in the name of Fabian socialism. Of course, all the Labor Party oldies are defending him; what a horrible bunch they are. How could past Australia have let this all happen: you tell me. There was a chance of survival if the battle was taken home back in the 1960s and 1970s.

     The old approach to divorce, the Fabian socialist Murphy called, “old ecclesiastical garbage.” 
For this, Murphy needs to be remembered as a great enemy of traditional Australia.