There are some interesting papers at Brett Stevens website dealing with a variety of racialist themes, in a clear and scientifically  backed fashion. I like his coolness in argumentation. But, the comments section is full of trolls and enemies and he should delete them.

     For example, in “Ethnography of Civilizational Collapse”:
  he points out that civilizations start out strong and great, but because of social entropy, particularly the corruption of the elites, they end up “a mixed-race shadow of [their] former self.” People are physically weaker, and less intelligent. Ancient Egyptians had as their closest genetic relatives people from the Near East, Anatolia and Eastern Mediterranean Europeans, whereas modern Egyptians have more DNA in common with sub-Saharan Africans:

     Stevens concludes: “in other words, ancient remains showed genetic consistency; modern genetics show the influence of diversity. This society became more diverse as it failed, and it does not necessarily matter what the diversity was, only that the genetic consistency of a network of traits was broken up and replaced by a more chaotic, less competent biological compromise.

     This applies to ethnic groups as well. Mixed-ethnic states, especially those with hybridization, even trace hybridization, tend to perform less well than homogeneous nations. Most likely, when places like Egypt become diverse, it is through trace admixture; few people will marry and mate with the Other, but someone who is only an eighth other they can accept, until those are the only option and the original ethnic group is long gone.”

     Ethnic and racial diversity are hence, not strengths for a society, but fatal weaknesses:

     If Stevens is right then we are heading to biological disaster, and inevitable social collapse, following in the footsteps of ancient Egypt.