Here is the latest in freedom limitation:

     Preventative Detention Orders, where a person can be held without charge merely because authorities believe that there is danger of some imminent threat, will be extended from 16-year-olds, way down to 14-year-olds. The children will be held for up to 36 hours, but with an order from the Supreme Court, they can be held longer.

     While it is obvious that strong measures are needed to combat terrorism, including, not to bring terrorist here in the first place via our open borders immigration policy, these measures, in the name of national security are rapidly erecting a police state. By the utilitarian logic employed to justify these laws: safety for the many, almost any restriction in freedom could be put in place.

     Add to this picture all of the other restrictions on our freedoms that the insane state has put in place, and it is no longer clear who is the real threat to us, the terrorists or the establishment!