Texas has been facing frozen apocalyptic conditions, with temperatures colder than Alaska. Of course, the global warming crowd are saying that Texas is being punished by the earth mother goddess of climate change, but if climate change is global, said goddess would not discriminate, which would be racist, perhaps. No, the cold event is natural, but there is plenty of politics, anti-Texas sentiment for standing up against the electoral fraud. Here is some coverage.






An Emergency Order from the Biden administration’s Department of Energy shows Texas energy grid operator ERCOT was instructed to stay within green energy standards by purchasing energy from outside the state at a higher cost, throttling power output throughout the state ahead of a catastrophic polar vortex.

Major smoking gun! Infowars has been sent a Department of Energy document, confirmed to be authentic, showing Texas begging for federal authorization to increase power! 

Going into effect Sunday, Feb. 14, Emergency Order 202-21-1 shows the Energy Dept. was aware of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s statewide disaster declaration and that ERCOT was readying gas utilities in preparation for a demand surge.

The order shows Acting Energy Secretary David Huizenga did not waive environmental restrictions to allow for maximum energy output, instead ordering ERCOT to utilize all resources in order to stay within acceptable emissions standards – including purchasing energy from outside the state.”


Texas has even more reason to break away from the evil and totally corrupt US of A.