I returned to Florida just in time for the great Richard Spencer Alt Right/Nazi salute controversy. Richard Spencer concluded his speech at the National Policy Institute (“NPI”) Conference, Washington DC, November 19, 2016, with “Hail Trump! Hail Our People! Hail Victory!” He then raised his hand, holding a glass of water. In the audience a few people gave the Roman salute. Apparently some young people of various ethnic groups gave the infamous salute outside the venue, according to some reports. They were not NPI members.

The media said that this was a Nazi salute performed by Spencer – but Spencer only held up a glass of water. Maybe he was being deliberately deceptive. It certainly is not smart to use the “Hail” talk which plays right into the Establishment’s hands because they were sweaty and all excited from screaming that Trump was the new Hitler.

The Roman salute pre-dates Hitler, and the Hitlerian salute always has the words to go with it, but the word “Hail” and any kind of hand raising is now inevitably associated with National Socialism, and that spells the kiss of death of the movement.
Why would anyone want to engage in such foot-shooting behaviour?

People make mistakes when angry and Spencer was certainly angry, especially given the harassment that had been given to the NPI by masked anti-fascist” (“Anti-Fa”) groups, including assaulting Spencer and others when they invaded the venue armed with spray bottles filled with some sort of foul chemical.
So criminal trespass and assault, possibly with a deadly weapon occurred, but as usual no arrests were made. Cultural Marxist thugs seemingly are allowed to commit whatever crimes they want while the System does nothing.
Oh, and when the NPI asked the police to get the Anti-Fa to remove their masks, the police refused to do so: free speech all the better to commit crimes?

The next day, five or six Anti-Fa, wearing masks, recognized a conference attendee, and without any provocation knocked him to the ground and kicked and bashed him, chanting “die, die, die.” A female attendee was sprayed with insect repellent, which can be life-threatening, and could easily lead to blindness.
This is the United States, and I fear that one day the Anti-Fa will assault/attempt to murder someone with a legal concealed carry, and, well, the story will end sadly.
See: http://www.theo ccidentalobserver.net/2016/11/npi-washington-2016-anti-fa-brutality-police-indifference-and-the-inevitable-media-assault/.

So, drop all the silly “Hails” and hand-waving and get your eye back on the ball lads. The enemy means business! In the future hold meetings not in hotel venues, but in secure warehouses with razor wire fences and hire professional security guards, who have right to be fully armed.