My favourite "out there" news story this year is the report (Natural, February 12, 2017), that the evil Dark Lords of the global elite conspiratorial New World Order Illuminati etc. etc., will be staging a “cosmic false flag,” a massive, false, alien invasion. You may think that this has already happened right across the West, but apparently we have not seen anything yet.

In fear, and hysteria, people will beg for world government, even saying, “Please, pretty please, oh Dark Lords of the eternal night, please enslave us, so the evil aliens from Mars, don’t.” I am not sure why one would bother, but there you go.

The “false news” media will work with the Deep, Dark State, to relentlessly promote the terror, reinforced by fake alien ships and holographic technology. All this, is according to Dr. Stephen Greer of the “Sirius Disclosure,” an organisation dedicated to examining the UFO phenomenon. Dr. Greer believes that most UFO sightings are of exotic human crafts, produced by the military-industrial complex, which is like the evil twin of high finance, powers that rule sui generis.

Here is where it gets really interesting. The alien false flag will be used to cover the extermination of most of us “useless eaters” by the elites who see us as only increasing global warming. Eliminating people like me would thus be good for the environment, at least in the world of globalist-think.

In any case, the New World Order plan seems to be going from world domination, which they now have, to mass genocide, of our kind. How might the program of quick mass genocide be conducted you might ask? Natural, February 12, 2017 also reports on studies that have found that tiny particles from city air invade peoples’ brains, interfering with cognition. It is thought that air pollution may be the real cause of the dementia and Alzheimer’s pandemic, disease which have overtaken in terms of mortality heart disease and cancer, as the world’s leading cause of death.

Perhaps toxic nanoparticles, emitted in chem. trials, could be the chosen mechanism for our quick genocide. The elite will thus be spraying us, much like we spray insect pests.