Just think, even your favourite cola, full of goodness is not safe from Covid! Be afraid, be very afraid!



“An Austrian parliamentary member exposed the defectiveness of the government’s COVID-19 tests by demonstrating in the parliament how a glass of Coca Cola tested positive for COVID-19.

In footage from the meeting in Vienna Friday, FPO General Secretary Michael Schnedlitz brings a glass of Coca Cola to the podium, from which he proceeds to collect drops to use on an antigen rapid test being used on a mass scale.

After going to the lectern and starting his speech, the politician sprinkled few drops of cola on corona rapid test. Three minutes later the test showed a result: Coca Cola was COVID-19 positive.

After demonstrating a positive result, Schnedlitz goes on to slam the tests as a waste of taxpayer resources.”

Yes, but could it be that cola could get actually get Covid? Covid cola? How does one vaccinate a drink? That requires bit of thought, but I am sure that Billy Goat Gates will come up with some way of giving the cola the jab. Maybe Bod Dylan should re-record one of his Songs: Everybody’s Gotto  Get Jabbed (not stoned):