Ah, China … the things this country gets up to on the road to domination of the known universe. Things like simply rewriting the Bible so that it fits better into its communist-bee hive capitalism world view:


“The Chinese government is supervising a five-year plan to make Christianity more compatible with socialism in which there will be a "rewrite" of the Bible, a prominent religious freedom activist has told Congress.

The Rev. Bob Fu, a former Chinese house church leader who immigrated to the United States in 1997 and founded the persecution watchdog organization China Aid, provided great detail during a House hearing Thursday about a plan enacted by leading state-sanctioned denominations in China to "Sincize" Christianity.

As China's crackdown on religion has seen many house churches demolished and thousands of crosses removed from churches nationwide, Fu warned upfront that what is happening right now in China represents the highest degree of persecution for independent faith groups the country has seen in decades.

"Religious freedom in China has really reached to the worst level that has not been seen since the beginning of the Cultural Revolution by Chairman Mao [Zedong] in the 1960s," he told members of the House Foreign Affairs' Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health, Global Human Rights, and International Organizations.Top of Form

At the center of this new level of persecution is China's new regulation on religious affairs that was released last year but enacted on Feb. 1. According to Fu, the revision of the religious regulations are to actively guide religion to "adapt to socialist society."

In a written testimony, Fu said that under the new regulations religious activity sites will "accept the guidance, supervision, and inspection of relevant departments of the local people's government regarding the management of personnel, finances, assets, accounting, security, fire protection, protection of relics, health and disease prevent and so forth."

Fu said that in order to comply with the new religious regulations, the Three Self Patriotic Movement and the Chinese Christian Council (China's state-sanctioned Protestant bodies) have developed a five-year plan on "promoting the Sinicization of Christianity."

He explained that the CCC and TSPM held a seminary last July for preliminary discussion about the five-year plan. He added that the plan outline was finalized at a meeting this March.

The plan proposes "cultivating and implementing the socialist core values." The plan will be supervised by the national religious affairs bureau and "every province, autonomous region and municipality's TSPM and CCC seminaries and churches will cooperate with it."

          When China is not rewriting the sacred texts of the West, it is using its new-found wealth to create new technologies to win a hot war against the West, such as the detection of submarines using advanced space lasers:



“China is developing a dual-purpose laser-equipped low-Earth orbit satellite. The program was launched earlier this year, is aimed at increasing Chinese surveillance of maritime traffic and unparallel anti-submarine warfare detection in the world's oceans.

Project Guanlan, meaning "watching the big waves," was launched in May at the Pilot National Laboratory for Marine Science and Technology in Qingdao, a city in eastern Shandong Province on the east coast of China, said South China Morning Post.

It is an ambitious project that the US and Russia have failed to acquire fully. China aims to boost its surveillance activities in the South China Sea, East China Sea, Yellow Sea, Sea of Japan, and the Phillippine Sea, according to the laboratory’s website.

Researchers are currently working on the satellite’s design at the laboratory, but its lasers and internal components are being developed by 20 research institutes and universities across the country.

Song Xiaoquan, a researcher involved in the project, said if the program is successful, it will enable China to surveil the upper layer of the Ocean.

"It will change almost everything," Song said.

For several decades, countries around the world have been trying to develop a device to detect submarines using LIDAR (light detection and ranging) technology. Both the US and Russia have tools that can recognize submarines 300 feet below the surface of the sea. But this is not enough, as most superpowers have subs that operate at depths of 1,600 feet.

Recently, NASA and Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency funded projects that could see submarines up to 600 feet below the surface -- but still nowhere close to the 1600 feet target zone.

Lasers that penetrate 1,600 feet depth remain a pipedream for major superpowers. China is attempting to realize this dream.”

          When this is done, submarines, such as those under development by Australia, will become junk. More billions wasted, when we should have moved to the next level of technology.

          Apart from new technological warfare, China is moving toward world dominantion by the old method of colonisation by debt, and Australia falls into this camp too:


CHINA is "colonising" smaller countries by lending them massive amounts of money they can never repay, it's been claimed.

The country is accused of leveraging massive loans it holds over small states worldwide to snatch assets and increase its military footprint.

Developing countries from Pakistan to Djibouti, the Maldives to Fiji, all owe huge amounts to China.

Already there are examples of defaulters being pressured into surrendering control of assets or allowing military bases on their land.

Some are calling it "debt-trap diplomacy" or "debt colonialism" - offering enticing loans to countries unable to repay, and then demanding concessions when they default.”

          I have been commenting on this strategy of colonisation for some time, and we would be foolish to ignore its impact here in Australia. Where has the money come for all of those inner city buildings that the globalist universities have built, now full of international students, or with Covid, not so full?