The activist group Get Up! that gets up to all sorts of things Left wing (my God, that’s almost a poem), has been campaigning for a ban on foreign donations to Australian political parties. (The Australian, November 21, 2016, p. 7) That is about the only thing they do which I support. The problem though is consistency:
Get Up! itself received over $300,000 in the past two years from foreign donors, most of whom are rich Leftoid groups. And then there is the PayPal button on their site for overseas donors.

Get Up! campaigned to “put the Liberals last” in the last election, which would be a good idea if Labor could also be put equal last. In any case as it is not a political party, banning foreign donations to political parties would not harm it. What is needed is counter-organisations to Get Up! from our side of politics to oppose them, and if necessary funded by overseas organisations!
The Trump administration and new CIA should think seriously about funding Australian organisations which are pro-Trump and concerned about opposing Chinese domination of Australia.
Now let me think: who has been working on that one? To quote a Left wing guru: “you know my name, look up the number.”