Europe has been told that it must have unending immigration. But, when the migrants go and do this, well, is it a problem for the demographic replacement program? Could the replacements be more trouble than the passive natives being replaced?

     Perhaps in the long run it may not matter too much if my kind ceases to exist on this planet, since the planet itself may not be worth living on after this battle is over:

“A THINK tank has claimed 84 per cent of people convicted of child sex grooming gang offences in the UK since 2005 were Asian.
In a new study, the Quilliam Foundation says its British-Pakistani researchers also discovered differences between the way paedophiles from different backgrounds operated.
It said while white sex offenders often acted alone, child abusers from Asian backgrounds were more likely to work in so-called grooming gangs.
According to figures released by the National Crime Agency’s Child Exploitation and Online Protection Command (CEOP), 100 per cent of offenders in paedophile rings were white.
The Quilliam organisation, which usually focuses on counter-extremism, said it found 222 of 264, or 84 per cent, of people convicted of specific grooming-gang crimes since 2005 were Asian.
The report’s co-author, Haras Rafiq, is from Rochdale, where 19 British-Pakistani men were jailed between 2012 and 2015. The high-profile grooming ring is thought to have abused at least 47 girls.
The raping of Britain continues: