Oh, the Left will say, what is the big deal … it is just a case of cultural misunderstanding. Of course it is.



“In what is likely to become a recurring news story over the next few years, an Afghan refugee known only as Tariq (many Afghans use only one name) was convicted on Monday of the sexual assault of a three-year-old girl at Quantico Marine Corps Base in Virginia, where he had been brought by Americans anxious to give him a new lease on life in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. For his part, Tariq explained that what he did was perfectly acceptable back in Afghanistan, a guileless and accurate statement that portends more trouble to come from the Afghan evacuees that Biden’s handlers are busy resettling now in American communities.

Associated Press reported that Tariq “was arrested in September at Camp Upshur in Quantico after Marines observed him fondling the girl, who was not related to him, above her clothes on her private parts.” Since there were witnesses, the conviction was not hard to obtain, but Tariq was surprised that anyone would object: “According to court papers, Tariq tried to explain through interpreters that his conduct was acceptable in his culture.” His defense team, apparently aware of the explosive implications of this claim, tried to have this telling detail thrown out of the record, but “efforts to have his statements suppressed were rejected by the judge.”

Tariq and many others like him didn’t leave Afghanistan very long ago, so it is understandable that some of the newly arrived Afghan evacuees would be acting as if they were still there. But this incident, and especially Tariq’s ingenuous admission, once again spotlight the fact that to bring in large numbers of people with a radically different culture and sharply divergent standards of behavior is unwise and is only going to mean strife in America’s future.”

Oh, don’t be racist!


“The case also follows record numbers of illegal immigrants – including convicted pedophiles and rapists – attempting to enter the U.S. via its southern border. It also comes amidst scrutiny over the Biden White House’s handling of its hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan, which included the termination of a State Department program aimed at safely evacuating Americans from at-risk countries.

In January 2016, then-Breitbart London editor Raheem Kassam warned that a Democrat in the Oval Office would commit the same if not worst immigration-related atrocities as Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel had during the 2015 migrant crisis.

The situation in Europe became so prevalent that the public began referring to the migrant-driven sexual assaults as a “rapefugee” crisis.”

More racism.