For those of us concerned about the unfolding of World War III in real time, this development is not good, at least if one is in the school that holds that nuclear annihilation is a bad thing. You know, in postmodernism, everything must be qualified. It looks like Russia is coordinating with China, so that when the Ukraine conflict goes kinetic, China will attack Taiwan. It is one of the wages of having a senile puppet president. At least it is going to take our minds off of Covid.

“Just as this publication predicted, Beijing and Moscow are working in unison to humiliate Joe Biden and the US over Ukraine and Taiwan. It recalls the Nazi Soviet Pact of 1939.

Chinese Communist jets are harassing Taiwan, as Russian and Belarussian troops and jets set the stage for the invasion of Ukraine. Meanwhile, the US has ordered US diplomats out of Ukraine and the State Department has issued a “do not travel” order in regards to the nation. The president is considering deploying US troops to our allies in Eastern Europe. They would be tripwires.

The Chinese military probe makes the US face two crises without the resources or the leadership to command the situation in either.

The Chinese move could be a saber rattling planned distraction in coordination with Russia or the Chinese may move on Taiwan simultaneously with a Russian move on Ukraine. This would be reminiscent of the Soviets and Nazis dividing up Poland in 1939.

DC defense sources say the Russians may be playing a dangerous bluff, taking the possibility of war right up to the brink in order to gain Russian severe demands from a scared and divided Europe and America. Or this could be no bluff and 77 years of European peace could be shattered soon.

Tactical analysts foresee a scenario perhaps not unlike the Winter War, Russia versus Finland, of 1939. That would entail an initially successful defense by the Ukrainians, followed by an overwhelming Russian onslaught that would result in a brutal Russian victory.

This publication foresaw this as early as late 2020, because we knew the Russians and Chinese would see the weakness inherent in a Biden administration as a window of opportunity. Beijing knows it has fans in the Biden administration who would do anything to damage American national security. Their influence combined with Joe Biden’s weakness and incompetence have resulted in the current strategic advantage enjoyed by our adversaries.”

As always, nations are brought down by the traitors from within.