Hey, you know that you are really poor when all you have left to sell is your blood plasma, as many millennials now face:

“One former community college student spoke about how she visits an Oregon plasma donation center twice a week following a reduction in her hours at work.  At the center, people who donate plasma can earn anywhere from $25 to $150 per week over a maximum of eight visits per month.
The center she frequents markets itself to millennials, touting its close location to the University of Oregon on its website and mentioning that students are able to do their homework while donating. Around a third of the donors at that Eugene center are estimated to be under the age of 24.
It’s a popular approach, with ABC News reporting that 94 percent of the plasma in the world comes from the U.S.  It’s a $16.8 billion global industry that is still growing. Not surprisingly, four-fifths of the nation’s plasma centers are found in poor neighborhoods. The plasma is used for therapies to treat various diseases.”

     I recall two people I know doing this in the US in the 1960s and gave so much blood that they ended up having to have a blood transfusion themselves.

     This is the legacy of the baby boomer generation – my generation – the most selfish group of people who have ever existed, and who have wasted the resources and opportunities of the Earth, taking away the future from other generations. I hope that  the young will fight back against this usurpation.