That’s it; we can see Them really getting down to the democratic spirit off constitutional change, as expressed in the indigenous referendum, the latest gee-whiz thing of our new class elites.  Look, let these folks speak for themselves, because, I am what, just a deplorable voter, only deserving to be thrown in the sea:

“One of Australia’s most respected Aboriginal leaders, Galarrwuy -Yunupingu, has made what he ¬describes as a final demand for substantive constitutional reforms, threatening that the Yolngu people of Arnhem Land will throw the nation’s founding document into the sea if change does not come soon. In a strident speech to open the Garma festival on Aboriginal land in the far northeast corner of the Northern Territory late yesterday, Dr Yunupingu issued his warning directly to the face of Minister for Indigenous Australians Ken Wyatt, who was in the front row of the audience. The two men were facing each other and seated almost knee to knee — Dr Yunupingu in his wheelchair — when the Yolngu leader said, “Enough is enough”. “We are thinking of our Constitution, how we can change it and make it a real law for Yolngu people as well as Balanda (non-¬indigenous) people,” he said. “We are doing that, asking for the rights to be accepted by the commonwealth government and by everybody else.”

Dr Yunupingu’s father, Mungurrawuy, was one of the painters of the 1963 Yirrkala bark petitions protesting the loss of land — also known as the Bark Treaty — that hang in Parliament House and are regarded as a form of title. Yesterday, Dr Yunupingu said the Constitution rejected his people. He told the crowd at the annual celebration of indigenous culture that Mr Wyatt had agreed to tell the government what his people wanted. “If they don’t come to us with an answer, we will tell you what we going to do, what the Yolngu people going to do,” he said. “We will dismiss the Constitution … we thrown it out of Australia into the saltwater,” he said. “It will be wonderful. The Yolngu people will stand on the land and see if that document will float away into the ocean. That’s what is going to happen.” Dr Yunupingu is understood to broadly support the 2017 Uluru Statement from the Heart, which includes a call for constitutional recognition and an indigenous voice to parliament enshrined in the Constitution. Dr Yunupingu has never explicitly called for the voice in public and Mr Wyatt said yesterday that he had not asked for it in their talks, but the Gumatj clan leader’s calls for substantial constitutional reform are likely to buoy Uluru backers. With Dr ¬Yunupingu’s consent, actor Jack Thompson read the entire Uluru statement to the Garma audience at the opening ceremony yesterday.”

     I am not sure exactly what this leader wants, as distinct from the white liberal new class. However, I don’t like the general tone of this “do it, or we throw it in the sea.” Sounds like a threat, rather than a reasoned argument. How has the Constitution rejected indigenous people unless everyone of their problems is our fault? I am tired of this endless guilt trip. Tired of it all. Go ahead, throw it in the sea. I can still vote, and will vote against it. And, as for claims that giving an indigenous voice in the Constitution is only a “fair go,” how about a “fair go” for everybody? If indigenous people are powerless, then what am I? I have hardly enough money to get by, and people like Len Hart are homeless, like so many Australians: on a given night 1 in 200 Australians are homeless. Who knows how many Australians suffer in pain because of lack of dental care, or how many homeless people require dental care, and only escape the pain through alcohol?

     Who cares about them? Where are the reformers championing their plight?

     Vote “No!’ to the politically correct referendum!