In my excitement, I upgraded my name, but not to worry, as in my state of mental decay, I am doing that when I get excited. And who would not be excited when they have their diatribes against the vile and filthy universities confirmed by a former antifa member:

“Former Antifa member Gabriel Nadales argued this week that American colleges breed far-left radicals in an interview with Tucker Carlson. Former Antifa member Gabriel Nadales appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight this week to discuss the rise of far-left violence. Nadales, who joined Antifa when he was 16 years old, is now a conservative activist. Nadales described the evolution of Antifa as a far-left activist group. “I was in Antifa when I was just 16, almost 10 years ago. Back then it was just a group that went down to go protest against what we thought were fascists. However, Antifa is far more violent today than it ever was,” Nadales said. “This is not a laughing matter,” he continued. “People are being attacked because of Antifa. We have to be able to hold Antifa accountable.” Nadales argued that Antifa activists are born on colleges campuses all around the United States. He cited various professors that have endorsed political violence for the purpose of advancing far-left politics. One professor, Mark Bray of Dartmouth. To really understand Antifa, we have to go to the college campuses. Throughout the country, we have a lot of different professors who are advocating for violence,” Nadales said. “We have Mark Bray from Dartmouth [College] where he praises and advocates for political violence. More recently…we had a professor from Colorado State University who said that she was done talking to people on her opposition, that she was ready to punch them in the neck. Unfortunately, we are seeing a resurgence of political violence by the left.” “So you believe Antifa is being incubated on college campuses…by professors?” Carlson asked. “I think so. I think that’s where they are getting a lot of their philosophy from,” Nadales finished.”

     I saw it in the 1960s when I was at university. Leftist lectures poured Leftoid toxins into the soft impressionable brains of teenagers who should not be subjected to such child abuse. Then, with middle class white chips on their shoulders, they begin their quest to become just like their abusers. Our universities are tax payer’s funded cemeteries for Western civilisation, and we pay to have our own graves dug. Close them down now, I say. Put that on my tombstone if necessary.