Affirmative Right site has some occasionally good articles, but a lot that I disagree with. On the positive front, there has been a series arguing that monogamy is needed as the foundation for society, for Western civilisation to survive. Beyond the usual conservative argument centred around the production of children, there is also the aspect of sexual satisfaction, and not a lot of this occurs under the feminist regime:

“Is there a fundamental right to monogamy? The male desire for sex and female companionship is a natural biological instinct, like eating or sleeping. If a man is unable to satisfy this fundamental impulse, he loses his powers of concentration and becomes unproductive. Eventually, he is forced to drop out of society or lash out. A growing underclass of unmarried men will inevitably lead to massive civil strife and social disruption, including bloodshed. Expecting these men to just exercise self-control is both unreasonable and absurd. Lifelong celibacy has never worked, not even for the Christian church, which degenerated morally and intellectually because of it. Imagine the agony of the inferior male, who is forced to endure a life of unwanted bachelorhood, his libido mercilessly titillated by a liberal society that allows women to dress as scantily-clad ****** in public. In reality, it is only the liberal totalitarians who must practice self-control; their nihilist and self-destructive obsession with feminism, multicultural policy and immigration from the Third World are more akin to the dancing and flagellation manias of the Middle Ages than the beliefs of rational men. If it is in society's best interest to ensure that all men reach their full innate potential, then society must provide the necessary conditions allowing men to exercise their right to monogamous family life whenever they so choose.”

     Of course, the present regime does not care about this sexual satisfaction issue, since their goal is nothing short of the destruction of maleness, defined as toxic by them. The hope is that with technology and artificial reproduction and genetic engineering, human males can be eliminated, completely. Thus, we are much further down the track than the authors of the above pieces contemplate.
 This really is the apocalypse! But, maybe only in the shadow of darkness will men see the light.