This is a ghoulish story that combines many elements of civilisation decline, including immigration, sexual degeneracy and you name it …  in fact, the entire dirty kitchen sink.

“Contractor details the sickening soundproof dungeon with hooks in the walls which man accused of murdering 'sugar baby' Mackenzie Lueck asked him to build - as cops say missing mattress given away days after she vanished has been found

            Contractor says that murder suspect asked him to build secret basement room

            Dungeon was to include fingerprint locks, soundproofing and wall hooks

            Student Mackenzie Lueck, a sorority member aged 23, disappeared on June 17

            Ex-Army IT specialist, Ayoola Ajayi, 31, has now been charged with her murder 

            Update comes as police dug for evidence in the backyard of Ajayi's home 

            A neighbor claims to have seen him burning something in his yard with gasoline

            Police found 'female human tissue' in his backyard, matching the DNA to Lueck

            Ajayi also faces charges of aggravated kidnapping and desecration of a body.”

     Thus, the murderer tortured Lueck, then burnt her body. Lueck as a “sugar baby,” which is really a nicer way of saying “prostitute,” who trades sex for money and/or support, something many college girls are doing to pay their university fees, and get through these evil institutions. There are even entire websites devoted to this practice, none of it censored of course by our Big Tech overlords. However, one of the dangers is that the girl may bring the “wrong one home,” as famously sung by John English in his song Hollywood Seven and Lueck ran out of luck:

The Nigerian accused of murdering Lueck came to America on a student visa. The usual.