When the constitution referendum occurs on Aboriginal recognition, expect that the lawyers will turn the country upside down, or using a more apt metaphor, tear it in two. This process of separatism, paid for out of your suffering taxpayer’s dollar, is happening right now, in its early stages.

“Aboriginal people who do not live in the City of Melbourne could be given voting and candidate rights as “traditional owners”. An issues paper by the council said eligibility for enrolment and candidacy was currently restricted to residents, business owners and property owners. The paper said that, while many “traditional custodians” may not be residents or ratepayers within the council area, “the decisions and actions of the City of Melbourne Council have a particular impact on traditional custodians and their lands and waters”. “Aboriginals who are traditional custodians are recognised as having a link to land that is far stronger and deeper than many recognised land rights in the current electoral system,” it said. Councillor Nicolas Frances Gilley wants the council to approach the Andrews Government to amend the City of Melbourne Act to set up a special electoral franchise for traditional owners.” 

     Over the years traditionalists have won very few of these battles. The 1999 defeat of the Republic was due to the incoherence of the model produced, and if there were an option of a democratically elected “president,” then today the monarchy would be gone. Remember, this is the population which gave us same sex marriage. Why would they support the monarchy if say the president was some pop star hero? We are in deep water. Let us see if we can first hand work to defeat this even greater threat to the constitution. Time is running out; the older generation is dying off, and the young are brainwashed, by the globalist school system, the media, and all occupied institutions.  How did it get to this?