No, it is not a joke … well …sometimes I am not sure nowadays what to believe, but here goes:

“A group of Maori people are calling for valuable land in Sydney's west to be handed over to them, claiming they were gifted the area by Aboriginal people more than 200 years ago. The Rangihou people say their king was handed the land in Parramatta by leaders of the Burramattagal Clan back in 1811 after they were first invited over from New Zealand. The 45-hectare parcel of land lies in an eastern section of central Parramatta. It includes parkland, James Ruse Reserve, Robin Thomas Reserve, Rangihou Reserve and a section of the Parramatta River. 'We are Ngati Rangihou Corrangie Hapu and we are here to reclaim Rangihou land,' the group's leader Lady Crown told 9 News. 'We want acknowledgement and recognition. We want the history books corrected, and compensation for damages of the land. 'We have the first laws in time, so our laws stand above any other law in the land.' The Rangihou people attempted to seize some of the land in March by changing the locks on the Waratah Soccer Club. They also charged people to use the car park of their makeshift set-up, before being evicted after four days.”

     We had the first laws, so our laws win. Wow, that is spellbinding. How could any court reject that! Oh, they have: Coe v Commonwealth  (1979) HCA 68. What we really need is a land title claim by one of these groups against every capital city CBD, claiming the land and all the stuff nailed to it. Or at least claim all of the universities. Yes! That would put a cat among the pigeons wouldn’t it? How would the pc universities cope! And why not at this terminal stage of the game, a few moments before the final siren, as it makes as much sense as any land right claim. So, I say; go for it, that’s how progressive and fair minded I am. Sometimes faint while contemplating the level of multicult diversity that I have embraced.