To The Australian        Assertions made in the full page advertisement supporting the Uluru Statement from the Heart (29/5) can be challenged. This campaign is not "a movement of all Australian people". It is an agitation by sections of the people and is opposed by a significant number of other Australians. That is why we have not yet had a referendum and why the promoters of such an event are having such difficulty in formulating the terms and arousing sufficient public support. The statement is not "a historic mandate" but an effusion that forms part of an ongoing political campaign whose real nature (behind the scenes) may well be quite different from its public image. "Truth-telling about our history" should be left to individuals and not entrusted to an official body that would almost certainly be ideologically biased. We do not want the sovietisation of historical discussion in our land.   Australia, a unified nation under the Crown, cannot make a treaty with a part of itself. What is called "reconciliation" in this context is really disruption.
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave


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