To The Australian         Paul Kelly's latest discussion of the indigenous constitutional recognition issue is lop-sided ("Indigenous leaders and Coalition now need to talk", 17/7). He states that there are two major conflicts: "between the majority of indigenous leaders and the Morrison government, and between the Morrison government and the Labor Party." Wrong! The major conflict is between all those Australians campaigning for constitutional change and all the other Australians who can see clearly the full folly of the idea and will have none of it. As one of the latter, I reject Kelly's claim that "the idea of constitutional change has gained more traction." Too many Australians are now aware of the fundamental injustice of such change and the obvious fact that the campaigners (both the zealots and the opportunists) will keep asking for more if the nation is stupid enough to concede anything. Kelly says that indigenous leaders should talk to the Coalition. Also wrong! They should desist from a doomed campaign; and Scott Morrison, Ken Wyatt and the Coalition government should heed the will of the great majority by closing the door on the whole business.
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic