To The Australian   (21st July 2018)           Greg Sheridan tells the truth about Brexit ("Turmoil for nation-state as May stumbles over EU deal", 21-22/7): that, despite the decisive victory for Leave in the 2016 referendum, "the elite has never accepted the legitimacy of this decision and is constantly trying to undermine it." The Brexit struggle is more than a "question of whether the nation-state can succeed" in the modern world of globalization powered, essentially, by the financially strong. The integrity of Britain itself is at stake. Only a firm and "hard" Brexit can preserve that. A resumption of truly independent sovereignty, carrying with it a renewed commitment to traditional British law and its concomitant intellectual freedom, is non-negotiable. The British political order has never been free of corruption, but parliamentary failure to honour the Brexit result would be a profound and historic change for the worse, perhaps irrevocable, with international ramifications affecting the morale of many nations, including Australia..
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave, Vic