To The Australian     David Hind asks of Australians generally (9/8): "What are we afraid of?" Why the opposition to Aboriginal constitutional recognition? Well, immediately I'm afraid of the damage such a move would do to the Constitution, which currently treats all of us on equal terms. I'm worried about the abandonment of ethical principle involved. Also, I don't welcome the prospect of unelected judges of the High Court being given more power at the expense of parliament, especially when I consider the court's track record from Mabo until its latest damage to free speech. Finally, I fear that foolish change of our political order could lead to a quasi-Marxist tyranny here and/or the setting up of an Aboriginal nation (thanks to the extension of land rights legislation) which might invite China to become its ally. I like the Australia that my ancestors established here and I want to pass it on to my descendants.
  Nigel Jackson, Belgrave